John Deere Powertrain ReLife+

Certified Rebuild Center

CL Boyd, your John Deere Certified Rebuild Center

Whether you need a major powertrain component rebuild or just want your machine to look, feel, and function like new, we are here for you. Extend the life of your machine with Powertrain ReLife Plus or design your own rebuild plan. Our facilities are equipped to meet the location-specific criteria for your machine rebuild needs.

Our John Deere Certified Rebuild Center Can:

  • Thoroughly assess the condition of the machine and provide expert advice on the areas of highest concern.
  • Provide you with multiple rebuild options to ensure the work being done meets the needs of your business.
  • Execute your customized machine rebuild plan on schedule, and on budget, to minimize disruption to your operation.

Powertrain ReLife Plus - Eligible Equipment

Articulated Dump Trucks Dozers Excavators

Articulated Dump Trucks

Models: 350D, 350D-II, 370E, 400D, 400D-II, 410E, 460E


Models: 750J, 750K, 850J, 850K, 950J, 950K, 1050J, 1050K


Models: 450C LC, 450D LC, 470G LC, 650D LC, 670G LC, 850D LC, 870G LC

Wheel Loaders Scraper Tractors

Wheel Loaders

Models: 724J, 724K, 724K-II, 744J, 744K, 744K-II, 824J, 824K, 824K-II, 844J, 844K, 844K-II, 844K-III, 844K-III AH, 944K

Scraper Tractor

Models: 9430, 9460R, 9510R, 9530, 9560R, 9630

Warranty Financing

We stand behind our products, which is why we provide a standard one-year warranty on all John Deere Reman components when installed by us.

We understand that doing business involves risk, so we’re letting you choose how to protect your investments. With the Powertrain ReLife Plus program, you can extend the warranty coverage on major powertrain components replaced under the program to three years/5,000 hours or two years/6,000 hours (three years/3,000 hours for all Scraper Tractors).

Our commitment to quality products and customer support doesn’t stop at your machine. Our financing options provide solutions for managing your costs and increasing your profitability.

John Deere Financial provides no-payment and no-interest options followed by low-interest-rate terms, allowing you to get your machine back on the job and generating income before you make a payment. Contact us for more information on available financing options.

Download the brochure here for specific details 

9520 Scraper Tractor ReLife+ 

If you have questions about our Certified Rebuild Center or a specific project call us at (405) 945-8504 or fill out the form below. 

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