John Deere Protect™

A Service Plan for Construction Equipment 

John Deere Protect™ provides maximized uptime, minimized operating cost, total confidence and ease. 

Don’t let a small problem turn into a work-stopping, budget-breaking crisis. A John Deere Protect Service Plan helps you keep your total machine costs down and removes your maintenance planning burden so you can focus on running your business.

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Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Specific Needs

Whether you select to do-it-yourself, dealer-supported service or a plan that includes a little of both, ALL plans include the following at 500-hour intervals:

  • Genuine John Deere Parts & Fluids

  • Machine Monitoring

  • Remote Diagnostics

  • Standard Warranties and Vehicle-Specific Assurances

  • Machine Inspections

  • Oil Analysis

Choose the Level of Service that's Right for You

Customer Service Plan

Customer performs machine inspections, oil sampling, and service intervals.

Combo Service Plan

Customer completes minor service intervals, dealer conducts regular check points. 

Dealer Service Plan

Our technicians perform machine inspections, oil sampling, and service intervals. 

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Learn More About John Deere Protect

Learn More About John Deere Protect

    John Deere Protect™ Service Plans are available for eligible models of construction equipment.

    The number of Scheduled Maintenance Events and parts required varies based on the specific model, in accordance with the operator’s manual.