John Deere 644 G-Tier Wheel Loader Now Available In The U.S. Market

posted on Monday, October 31, 2022 in Blogs

The 644 G-tier Wheel Loader was successfully introduced to the Canadian market in 2021 and is now being offered in the United States, continuing the transition to Performance Tiering. The Performance Tiering strategy allows customers to benefit from tailored offerings that provide more performance, comfort, and economical options. With this expansion, Deere also released a 544 G-tier Wheel Loader that is available in Canada. The 544 G-tier provides customers working in a variety of applications with a no-frills, versatile, and reliable solution backed by John Deere and its world-class dealer network. 

"Not every customer is looking for the most technology in a machine. By introducing the 544 G-tier in Canada and expanding the availability of the 644 G-tier into the United States, we are providing our customers with options to help meet their diverse needs," said Luke Gribble, solutions marketing manager, John Deere. "The G-tier models support customers looking for reliability, without the added extras that they would find in a P-tier or X-tier machine, and that fit their investment levels as well. With the G-tier models, customers are getting the versatility and ruggedness in a machine, without any compromises."

The 644 G-tier machines are ideal for customers in the governmental, rental, site development, and asphalt industries. Customers can customize the machine through a variety of packages, including locking differentials, ride control, seats, radio, and rear chassis work lights. 

Making its debut in the Canadian market, the 544 G-tier is designed to provide a more economical solution in the 3-yard loader size class that does not sacrifice the performance and quality customers expect from a John Deere machine. The controls were designed with operators of all skill sets in mind, offering a simplified setup and overall functionality. The in-cab controls include adjustable boom height kick out, return to carry, and return to can which can be easily activated inside the cab. This machine is ideal for rental, agriculture, governmental, and snow removal applications. 

All G-tier machines are backed by the same level of support that customers have grown to rely on — including JDLink™ Connectivity and Connected Support. Both the 544 G-tier and the 644 G-tier machines are eligible for the John Deere Protect™ Service Plan. With the John Deere Protect™ Service Plan, routine maintenance is performed at every 500-hour interval by an experienced John Deere technician. In addition, the John Deere Protect™ Parts & Fluids Plan provides customers with options to conduct maintenance services and inspections while utilizing their own technicians.

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