New 2022 JLG 1055

2022 JLG 1055
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Comfort. Confidence. Serviceability. We wouldn't expect you to settle for anything less with JLG® telehandlers. The best-in-class cabs feature enhanced visibility, while a wide range of attachments allows for more versatility on the job site.

Tier 4 Final engines are fuel-efficient with less environmental impact. And engine parts and other serviceable components are more easily accessible, so you can spend more time on the job and less time on routine maintenance. Take a virtual tour of JLG® telehandlers.

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JLG® high capacity telehandlers allow operators to accomplish multiple tasks with the perfect blend of strength, versatility and smart technology. Their higher lift capacity and enhanced versatility cut down on the time it takes to complete the work, saving time, money and labor on the job site. Learn more about the flexibility high capacity telehandlers bring to your fleet.


Your productivity is on the line the minute you climb into the telehandler cab. The lineup of JLG® telehandlers gives you all the power, reliability and maneuverability you’ve come to expect from a world-leading equipment manufacturer. With capacities from 5,500 to 12,000 lb and heights up to 55 ft, you can handle any job site challenge with these pick and place telehandlers. From commercial and residential construction to steel work and framing, JLG telehandlers can get you around crowded work areas to get the job done. Your day won’t seem so tough or your loads so heavy—if you let the power of JLG do the heavy lifting.


We know that when you’re on the job, you need machines that are going to stand up because downtime is simply not an option. That’s why our equipment is manufactured and designed to the highest standards of quality. They also have some of the highest resale values in the industry. JLG is dedicated to providing high-performing, quality equipment you can rely on day after day.


You can never be too careful on a job site. That’s why we redesigned our telehandlers to help you navigate terrain more confidently and move materials more efficiently. Our new cab design gives you better field of vision while an optional reversing camera and reverse sensing system alert you to objects behind your machine. Plus, with our Stabil-Trak rear axle stabilization system, you’ll feel more confident when landing loads.


The solid overall design of these telehandlers means you can depend on them to carry loads up to 5,000 lb capacity at maximum lift height, and still have enough power to handle the biggest jobs.


It’s your space for hours at a time. Not only do you want to be more comfortable while performing your work, but comfortable conditions also help keep you more productive. That’s why we asked operators for their input when redesigning the cab. The result? A more spacious cab with an integrated arm rest to reduce fatigue and a seat design so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your favorite chair. We didn’t stop there. The optional multifunction display includes electronic load charts, displays diagnostics and offers a reversing camera. As for visibility—you’ve got a clear view of everything going on around you.


Downtime is money lost. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a service matter, technicians are under fire to perform their duties as efficiently as possible. Our reengineered telehandlers help them access engine parts and other serviceable components more quickly to keep you running at peak performance on the job site. We’ve taken other precautions, too, by mounting the external telescope cylinder on top of the boom. This makes it less susceptible to damage while providing easier access for service. The side-mounted engine also makes filters and parts more accessible.


JLG® Tier 4 Final telehandler engines and powershift transmissions deliver the horsepower, speed and control you need for optimum performance. You can lift and place heavy loads with confidence, knowing your telehandler will get you there. The powertrain is equipped with a transmission and axles that provide a smooth ride and superior terrainability.

JLG® telehandlers let you work around obstacles, thanks to three distinct steering modes that allow you to maneuver crowded areas. Drive over varied terrain with greater ease. With up to 18 inches of ground clearance, you’ve got more room to travel over debris.

  • STANDARD CARRIAGE: Forks that are fully floating and adjustable side-to-side for efficient load entry and exit.

  • SIDE-TILT CARRIAGE: Allows for minor lateral positioning of the load during final placement. • SWING CARRIAGE: Allows for greater versatility in moving and placing materials in confined areas or when exact positioning is required.

  • DUAL FORK POSITIONING CARRIAGE: Provides the ability to adjust the position of each fork independently, allowing the operator to handle a variety of palletized loads without having to leave the cab.

  • SIDE-SHIFT CARRIAGE: Four-inch left and right carriage shift allows for precision load placement.

  • PALLET FORKS: Rugged design makes it easier to handle heavy palletized material.

  • LUMBER FORKS: Wider width provides a larger surface area for stability when transporting longer material.

  • CUBING FORKS: Allows operator to load, unload and place cubes of brick and block with ease.

  • FORK EXTENSIONS: Fork extensions provide additional support to lift large or long objects. They are made with heavy duty steel and a pin is used to secure them to the existing telehandler forks.

  • MATERIAL BUCKET: Clean up the job site, spread gravel or for loading and leveling.

  • GRAPPLE BUCKET: Features a hydraulic grapple arm to assist in job site cleanup.

  • PIPE GRAPPLE: For handling multiple pipes or a larger single pipe.

  • MATERIAL HANDLING ARM: Designed for lifting and placing objects around the job site, the material handling arm is ideal for building construction and civil engineering applications.

  • TRUSS BOOM: Allows operator to set trusses and wall sections for wood and steel building construction. Available with or without winch.

  • FORK-MOUNTED WORK PLATFORM: Extend the capabilities of your telehandler and get more work done by lifting material and persons to working heights.

  • LIFTING HOOK: Add versatility to any standard carriage by lifting and lowering objects without changing attachments.

  • COUPLER-MOUNTED LIFTING HOOK: For lifting and lowering objects.

  • TRASH HOPPER: For collecting trash on the job site, with automatic opening and self-closing. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.