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The Enterprise Privacy Statement tab provides John Deere's global personal information and machine data policy. For a quick overview of this policy, please see the Privacy section below.

While the Enterprise Privacy Statement applies to personal information and machine data globally, additional privacy statements may also apply based upon country location and/or data type. Links to these statements can be found in the Additional Privacy Statements section.

This site is being monitored by one or more third-party monitoring software(s), and may capture information about your visit that will help us improve the quality of our service. You may opt-out from the data that is collecting on your visit through a universal consumer options page locatedat

Finally, the Contact Information tab provides country and an enterprise contact that can provide additional information on our privacy practices.


Privacy Summary

Enterprise Privacy Statement

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Contact Information

Privacy Summary

Personal Information & Machine Data

John Deere and its controlled affiliates collect Contact Information, Relationship Information, Transaction Information, and Financial Account Information (collectively, Personal Information) from you when you purchase products or services, obtain financing, register at our websites or otherwise interact with us. We may obtain Personal Information from third parties to enhance our files or as needed to complete transactions.

We may collect information using Cookies and Other Data Collection Technologies. This information is treated as Personal Information if we associate it with your Personal Information.

We may also collect Machine Data from equipment. Machine Data is data generated by, collected by, or stored in your equipment or any hardware or device interfacing with your equipment.

Uses and Disclosures

We use Personal Information for a variety of Purposes, including to provide you products, services, financing, customer support, product safety, marketing, promotions, and for our everyday business purposes.

We do not generally share Personal Information and Machine Data with other companies for their own use. We may, however, share Personal Information and Machine Data with our affiliates, suppliers, dealerships, and business partners, who may use the information and data for the Purposes above and detailed in the "Enterprise Privacy Statement" tab. We may also provide Personal Information and Machine Data to companies who are performing services for us. Additionally, we may disclose Personal Information and Machine Data where required by law or in connection with the sale of part or all of our business.

Your Choices

You can limit the information you provide to us. Additionally, you can limit the communications that we send to you by contacting us using the contact information below or in the "Contact Information" section.

Other Information

We have a formal information security program to protect Personal Information and Machine Data.

We may transfer Personal Information and Machine Data to the US or to other countries, but we always respect your privacy.

For additional information on our privacy practices, please see the "Enterprise Privacy Statement" tab or contact us.

How to Contact Us

USA or Canada - Privacy Manager

Center for Global Business Conduct
Deere & Company
One John Deere Place
Moline, Illinois 61265-8089 USA


For John Deere Canada ULC and all affiliates other than John Deere Financial:

Chief Privacy Officer
John Deere Canada ULC
P.O. Box 1000
Grimsby, Ontario, L9K 1M3

For John Deere Financial:

Chief Privacy Officer
John Deere Financial
1001 Champlain Avenue
Suite 401
Burlington, Ontario L7L 5Z4