Women In Construction

posted on Monday, March 7, 2022 in Blogs

Women in Construction Week is celebrated each year during the first full week of March. This week is dedicated to changing the stereotypes that women face when it comes to careers by giving them new opportunities to look at; the construction industry has many places where women can advance and build a career for themselves. It also coincides with International Women's Day (IWD) which takes place just after; on March 8th, 2022.

Women in Construction Week was founded by the National Association of Women in Construction. NAWIC began in 1953 by a group of women to help create support for other women in the industry. The NAWIC founded Women in Construction Week to give their organization an event to help bring women together.

The National Association of Women in Construction includes 120 chapters and more than 4,000 members. Their goal is to bring awareness to the role of women in the construction industry by hosting events, wearing pins and stickers, and engaging with their communities.

Erica Wenthold CLBOYD

Currently, women make up about 10% of the construction industry's workforce. Most of the women in construction hold jobs in office and project management positions. About 13% of construction companies are owned by women.

Here at CLBOYD, we have several women working in a range of different roles. If you are interested in working with us, check out our open positions at https://www.clboyd.com/about-us/careers/

Interested in ways you can get involved during Women In Construction Week?

  • Become a member of the National Association of Women In Construction at https://www.nawic.org/membership

  • Join your local chapter to become involved with other women in construction within your community. Join the OKC chapter at https://www.nawic-okc383.com/

  • Speak at a local school to encourage women to take construction opportunities.