Navigating Underground Construction Projects with Our Lineup of John Deere Equipment

posted on Friday, January 26, 2024 in Blogs

Installing underground pipe or utilities calls for a specialized collection of equipment to ensure the project is completed efficiently, profitably and safely. Whether you work on water, sewer, power, or communication projects, John Deere equipment will help you complete your underground jobs with confidence. Check out our broad range of equipment for underground applications below.


85 P-Tier, 160 P-Tier, 210 P-Tier, 245 P-Tier, 345 P-Tier

Whether it's trenching for utility lines or navigating confined spaces, these excavators provide operators with the necessary tools for efficient and precise operations. With cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, John Deere ensures that every excavation task is executed with unparalleled accuracy.

Mid-Size Wheel Loaders

524 P-Tier, 544 G-Tier, 544 P-Tier, 624 P-Tier644 G-Tier

Elevating efficiency and precision to new heights. From their ergonomic design to advanced features, John Deere Mid-Size Wheel Loaders redefine the standards for efficiency and reliability in the underground construction venture. 

Backhoe Loaders

310 G-Tier, 310 P-Tier, 320 P-Tier, 410 P-Tier, 710 P-Tier

These backhoe loaders seamlessly combine the capabilities of both a loader and an excavator. Whether you're loading trucks, busting up blacktop, placing pipe, digging trenches, or moving materials, John Deere Backhoe Loaders are more than up to your toughest tasks. 

Give our equipment experts a call today at 405-945-8517, and discover firsthand how John Deere's lineup of excavators, mid-size wheel loaders, and backhoe loaders can provide precision, power, and confidence to your underground construction projects. 

Additionally, explore the option of renting our equipment for a flexible and cost-effective approach to meeting your underground construction needs.

Click here to learn more about CL Boyd rentals. 

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