John Deere Undercarriages

posted on Monday, November 21, 2022 in Blogs

When it comes to John Deere undercarriages, John Deere builds them better and backs them better. With three different undercarriage options, you can choose the best fit for the needs of your operation. 

Key Features

Staggered Rollers Track Shoes Track Rollers Track Links

With staggered roller design, undercarriages have increased durability, less vibration, and a much smoother ride.

John Deere track shoes are tough as nails because they're made of through-hardened boron steel. Available in a wide selection of shoe configurations, you can choose a shoe tailor-made for your application. Forged from a boron steel alloy then through-hardened to a good core hardness, our track rollers prevent bushings from loosening. We also deep heat treat the roller outside diameter for maximum wear life. Track links also forged from a boron-steel alloy allow deeper heat-treating, which helps keep the pins and bushings from loosening even in severe applications.

Compare Undercarriages

Savings are significant when you opt for the John Deere Maximum Life Undercarriage. In fact, tests* show the combination of SC-2 bushings, larger components, and improved seals deliver 57% per hour cost savings over standard sealed and lubed tracks.

Product Standard Undercarriage Extended Undercarriage Max Life Undercarriage

Life - 2,000 hrs

Turn at 900 hrs

Life - 3,000 hrs

Turn at 1,400 hrs

Life - 4,000 hrs

Turn at 2,200 hrs

Technology Standard sealed and lubed track. Extended life track chain with SC-2 bushings. Extended life track chan with SC-2 bushings and seals plus larger components.

Cost reduction from Standard


29% 57%

*cost reduction based on tests completed in wet abrasive soils, similar to central Florida. 

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