John Deere P-Tier Excavators

posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 in Blogs

Whatever the job calls for, the new P-Tier with the added performance of SmartGrade makes the 350 and 380 mid-size excavators even more indispensable on-site.

For the 350 and 380, the new P-tier replaces the G-Series. Upgrades on the new machines include improved front-joint durability, a redesigned hood that boosts serviceability and cooler access, and up to 7% better fuel economy. In addition, the new mid-sized models are designed to accommodate different operators with the simple flip of a lever.

Both excavators offer SmartGrade technology as a factory option and field upgrade kits. Customers can choose from 2D guidance, 3D guidance, 2D SmartGrade Ready Control, and SmartGrade 3D Control. These grade management options allow customers to choose a level of technology that’s right for them with the ability to upgrade as their business grows

Key Specifications:

Machine weight: 80,985 lbs. (350 P-Tier) 85,462 lbs. (380 P-Tier) 

Engine power: 271 hp

Max Dig Depth: 26 ft.10 in.

Dump Height: 25 ft. 

Max Reach: 36 ft. 5 in.     

John Deere 350 P-Tier Excavator Brochure

John Deere 380 P-tier Excavator Brochure


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