John Deere Performance Tiering

posted on Monday, November 7, 2022 in Blogs

Matching your machine to your needs is easier than ever before with John Deere's Performance Tiering.

John Deere equipment is used by a wide range of people, with different needs according to their projects and jobsites. Integrating performance tiering into the newest models provides customers with expanded options to meet each customers needs.

Each tier offers distinct levels of performance, comfort, innovation, and serviceability, at a price to match. Regardless of your tier choice you will still get the signature John Deere quality and support.

Three Tiers, Three Jobsite Solutions

1. G tier models provide proven capabilities and value with the reliability and ruggedness expected from common construction jobs.

2.  P tier provides trusted levels of comfort and performance in demanding, high-production applications. 

3. X tier models add a premium edge with the most innovative technology and features that deliver the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, and experience.

“Every job site is unique, and customers want machine solutions that can be personalized to meet their diverse needs, including performance, price, and comfort,” said Jason Daly, global director, production systems, technology, and marketing, John Deere. “By offering three tiers, customers can move up or down the spectrum to find the right mix of features, performance, and innovation for their business and application.”

Questions Regarding John Deere's Performance Tiering? 

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