Deere Reveals Its First Electric Backhoe

posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 in Blogs


John Deere revealed its first electric backhoe, the 310X at the 2021 Utility Expo. The 310X is part of the X Tier, which is the new highest level of performance tiering that was released earlier this year. The X is for Deere's hybrid and electric machines that feature the latest and greatest technology.  

The 310X has been developed to match the diesel-burning 310L spec for spec. To develop and test this machine out Deere partnered with one of the country's largest utilities, National Grid. National Grid supplies natural gas and electricity to millions of customers throughout the northeast U.S. As part of the partnership National Grid has been using the 310X on several of its jobsites. According to Deere, National Grid came to them about the idea of producing an electric backhoe a few years back.  

The company used the 310X on its jobs throughout the spring and summer of this year. The operators have said that the battery-powered 310X seemed to match the performance and power of the diesel-powered 310L. 

Deere shared that they likely won't bring the machine to market unless it can operate for 8-10 hours before needing a recharge. Deere has partnered with multiple suppliers on battery power and going to test several different charging methods.  

Deere says the 310X generates 20-25% less noise than the 310L depending on the application. A quieter machine with zero emissions would be ideal in confined spaces, near hospitals and schools where quiet operation is key. Beyond noise and emissions the machine would be much easier to maintain and provide savings in the cost of ownership.  

Deere says there are a few more years of testing before they decide if the 310X is fit for market. There is no timeline for the release of this machine. 

See and Hear the new ePower backhoe in the video below from For Construction Pros YouTube Channel