John Deere 644 X-Tier Loader

posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 in Blogs

The 644 X-Tier Wheel Loader is designed and purpose built to take it on and go beyond. With its combined innovative E-Drive and PowerShift™ transmission system that delivers strong pushing power and fast ramp-climbing ability, tasks ranging from loading trucks to maintaining stockpiles to heaping hoppers can be accomplished with efficiency and ease. The 644 X-Tier is packed with state-of-the-art technology and innovative features that can help take your operation to new heights of productivity and performance. 

Choose between variable and constant engine speeds in normal and performance modes. Drivetrain and hydraulic functions are powerful, responsive, and quick, to deliver exceptional productivity in the most demanding applications.

Innovative E-Drive transmission system delivers premium performance and efficiency. System includes an engine-driven generator plus an inverter to control the electric motor that drives a simplified PowerShift™ transmission.

Efficiency is outstanding, with up to 18-percent more tons moved per gallon of fuel burned than top competitors.*

*As measured in a closed-circuit test conducted in September 2020 against similarly equipped top competitors. All machines were operated at maximum productivity in controlled conditions. 

644 X-Tier Product Brochure

Find Your Fit

Every jobsite is unique, and customers want machine solutions that can be personalized to meet their diverse needs, including performance, price and comfort. John Deere's Performance Tiering Strategy first became available to the wheel loader lineup. This Strategy provides customers with three tiers of machines including the G-tier, P-tier and X-tier. 

The X-tier models are built with the most innovative John Deere technology and features, delivering the highest levels of productivity, efficiency and customer experience.

P-tier models can be counted on to produce at high levels, day in and day out. Advanced features deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, comfort and service life in demanding, high-production applications.

The G-tier models are practically equipped and economical, providing proven capabilities with the reliability and ruggedness expected from John Deere. These machines are ideal for customers in need of a reliable machine to complete common light- to medium-duty tasks.

644 G-Tier Wheel Loader / 644 P-Tier Wheel Loader / 644 X-Tier Wheel Loader

The John Deere wheel loaders now offer the SmartWeigh™ option which includes dynamic weighing technology that allows operators to weigh without interrupting workflow and removes the need to lower and reraise the boom after tipoff. Shared through the onboard monito, SmartWeigh™ is easy to calibrate and effortlessly integrates with JDLink™ so you can track and visualize payload data from almost anywhere. Available as a factory installed or field-kit option, you can also try SmartWeigh™ at a low cost for 250 machine hours. 

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