Competitive Comparison of the John Deere 325G vs. CAT 289D

posted on Thursday, March 24, 2022 in Blogs

See how the John Deere 325G stacks up to the CAT 289D

The top things to know when comparing the John Deere 325G to the CAT 289D:

  1. The 325G offers easier serviceability with easy-to-remove perforated side panels that yield wide-open access to the alternator, starter, coolers, swing-out a/c condenser, and many more components. With the Cat 289D access to the engine is limited by the design of the frame.

  2. The 325G has 65% better rear visibility with the design of the rear hood with the fan located on the back of the engine as opposed to on top of the engine on the CAT 289D.

  3. The hydraulic hoses on the Cat 289D are exposed which can lead to damage. On the 325G, all hoses are covered with a protective sleeve and in the undercarriage, they are covered by a steel plate.

When choosing the right compact track loader, there are many things to look at, such as size, performance, accuracy, comfort, and maintenance needs. As you can see there are some similarities between the two machines but also some key differences. The next step is to take it for a test drive!

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Every John Deere machine comes with a level of comfort through the full machine standard warranty. It promises John Deere will fix any defects in materials or workmanship on their compact equipment for two years after delivery or 2,000 hours.*                                                                             

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