John Deere 160 Excavator vs. John Deere 210 Excavator

posted on Monday, February 13, 2023 in Blogs

When choosing between a John Deere 160 Excavator and a 210 Excavator you will want to look at the specific needs of your projects.

The 160 is smaller and more maneuverable, which makes it a good fit for tight spaces and urban areas. This is also a more cost-effective option for smaller projects. 

If you are looking for an Excavator for bigger projects and heavier digging requirements then the 210 Excavator might be a better fit. It has a larger digging depth and reach, as well as a larger bucket capacity, which allows for more efficient digging and material handling. With a higher horsepower, it can handle more demanding projects. 

Another benefit to the 210 Excavator is it has a wider range of attachment options, allowing for more versatility on the job site. 

Key Specifications: John Deere 160 Excavator John Deere 210 Excavator
Max Digging Depth 21 ft. 4 in. 21 ft. 11 in.
Max Reach 30 ft. 7 in. 32 ft. 7 in.
Max Bucket Capacity 0.50 cu. yd. 0.90 cu. yd.
Net Power 122 hp. 159 hp. 
Operating Weight 39,526 lb. 52,097 lb.

The John Deere 210 Excavator is larger and more powerful than the 160 Excavator, which makes it best suited for medium to large-scale projects while the 160 Excavator would be ideal for small-scale digging and excavating projects. 

John Deere 160 Mid-Size Excavator

John Deere 210 Mid-Size Excavator

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