JLG Presents All-New Rotating Telehandler Lineup

posted on Monday, May 16, 2022 in Blogs

With congested job sites, especially in growing urban areas, unique challenges are presented that must be met with highly versatile machines. With the all-new rotating telehandler lineup from JLG, you have just that. 360-degree continuous rotation, 3-in-1 capabilities, an intuitive operator interface and specialized attachments to completely transform the way you work.  

Full rotation of the upper frame allows for both horizontal and vertical lifting and placing of materials up to 13,200- lbs. This lineup gives you 3 machines in one with the ability to lift & place, work at height and move suspended loads

JLG Rotating Telehandlers can also adapt to various tasks with a range of attachment options, including buckets, truss booms and work platforms. They also offer a hydraulic coupler that makes it more efficient to switch between attachments. 

Rotating Telehandlers Brochure

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