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Where We're Going We Don't Need Cranes

JLG 1075

The new JLG 1075 is a 10,000-lb class telehandler designed to increase productivity with its 75-ft lift height, reducing the need for more costly equipment on the job site. Capable of lifting up to eight stories, the JLG 1075 also features an unparalleled 60-ft of forward reach and 30-ft of up-and-over reach. In short, it puts precision placement and productivity on a whole new level.

Key Features:

  • Lower Project Costs: Eight-story lift height reduces or eliminates the need for costly cranes
  • Increase Productivity: 60 ft of forward reach minimizes material rehandling
  • Experience Precision Placement: 30 ft of up-and-over reach allows for more precise load placement
  • Use Enhanced Technology: Right side electronic mirror with dual cameras allows you to see more

Click here for complete: JLG 1075 specs

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