Hitachi Powertrain ReLife

With the Hitachi Powertrain ReLife Plus program you have the power of choice to decide whether to trade a high hour machine or to rebuild it.

Based on the results of a thorough ReLife inspection, your Hitachi dealer can help you design a customized machine rebuild program that targets areas of your machine that need attention.

It’s an easy and flexible solution to extend machine life of your 45- to 87-metric-ton excavators by just replacing the powertrain, instead of replacing the entire machine.

hitachi relife

The ReLife program includes the following components:

  • Engine
  • Main hydraulic pumps
  • Fan pump
  • Rotary manifold
  • Swing motors
  • Travel motors
  • Final drives
  • Pump drive gearbox (rebuild)
  • Swing motor gearboxes (rebuild)

Eligible Models

Hitachi ZX380LC-6 Hitachi-ZX670LC-6 Hitachi-ZX870LC-6












How it works

Give your machine new life and gain the peace of mind provided by a factory-backed Powertrain component warranty.

Step 1.

Start by replacing required major powertrain components.

Relife Step 1

Step 2.

Review results of machine evaluation with dealer.

relife step 2

Step 3.

Specify any additional parts to replace.

step 3 relife

Step 4.

Select ReLife warranty terms.

step 4 relife.

Step 5.

Work is performed on your machine by certified Hitachi dealer technicians.

Step 5 relife

Step 6.

Let your ReLife machine help manage owning and operating costs.

step 6 relife

Warranty options

With the Powertrain ReLife Plus program, you can extend the warranty coverage on major powertrain components replaced under the program from the standard one year/unlimited hours to three years/5,000 hours or two years/6,000 hours.

If you have questions about our Certified Rebuild Center or a specific project call us at (405) 945-8504 or fill out the form below. 

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