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Replacement Parts Frequently Asked Questions

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John Deere replacement parts are designed specifically for John Deere equipment. They are the same parts that are used in our factories when we build new equipment. This is your assurance that each part has met John Deere's high standards, which are often higher than the industry norms.

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Are all heat-treating methods and steels the same when making blades?

The part may look the same on the outside, but it's trueness to factory dimensions, carbon content/alloy steel and heat-treating may be very different. Our engineers specify a very precise mix of all elements to make our blades the absolute strongest they can be.

If my John Deere dealer doesn't have a part I need in stock, how long will it take for me to get the part?

John Deere prides itself on "the" best parts distribution system in the industry. If your local dealer does not have the part you need, John Deere can generally provide 24-hour delivery to your local dealer.
John Deere replacement parts are designed specifically for John Deere equipment.

Aren't all filters the same?

Actually, no. Filter components can vary greatly. John Deere part suppliers have access to John Deere engineering drawings, which specify the exact measurements and elements for your equipment's best possible protection. Our competitors don't have these engineering drawings. John Deere filters remove fine debris, seal out internal leaks and have higher flow during cold weather start ups.

Are there safety concerns when purchasing mower blades?

If you purchase a mower blade that is made by a company other than John Deere for your John Deere equipment, you are taking the risk that the blade will not meet factory specifications. The blade may not be heat treated correctly, it may not have the correct amount of carbon, and it could be brittle and fragment if you hit a hard object.

Can I purchase parts for my John Deere equipment at auto parts stores?

Don't sacrifice your engine or transmission to parts that "will fit" on your John Deere equipment. There is no assurance that internal components of competitive parts will protect the investment you've made.

Are parts more expensive at a John Deere dealer?

Genuine John Deere replacement parts are competitively priced and superior in quality.

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