March - 2016
Roosevelt Middle School - History in the Making
Fields & Futures is a great cause that’s positively impacting schools, communities and countless lives.


A big day for the Roosevelt Titans! Friday, March 4, 2016 marked the official groundbreaking of Roosevelt Middle School's new athletic fields. Students from Edmond North High School were there to share in the fun and see the fruits of their labor begin to take shape!

Just a few short weeks ago (Feb. 12, 2016), Edmond North HS announced they had raised $354,374 for the construction of new athletic fields at Roosevelt MS - a BALTO Week record! Fields & Futures' donors were so inspired by the beautiful collaboration between a suburban high school and inner-city middle school, they offered to match the BALTO total, making the grand total $708,748

Special thanks to Cimarron Construction, C.L. Boyd Co., MA+ Architects, Olsson Associates, Oklahoma City Public Schools and Wes Welker Foundation for their support.

Other special guests in attendance at this special groundbreaking included Fields and Futures founders Liz and Tim McLaughlin, OKC City Manager Jim Couch, OKC City Councilman Pete White, OKC City Councilwoman, Meg Salyer, OKCPS School Board Vice Chairman Justin Ellis, OKCPS School Board Member Gloria Torres, OKCPS District Athletic Director Keith Sinor, OKCPS Senior Executive Director Dr. Katherine Hughes, OKCPS Senior Finance Officer Scott Randall, Cimarron Construction owners Tommy and Don Noble, C.L. Boyd Co. VP/Marketing Steve Decker, Jean and Dave McLaughlin, Kelly Gray and Rob McLaughlin. All Roosevelt MS staff and students were in attendance.

Decker said seeing the project up close was a real game changer. "I got an up-close view of how unsafe and unfit the current fields are for any activity, let alone organized sports.  When you see the current fields, it’s easy to understand the lack of interest in playing sports.  On the other hand, I got to see how excited the students and staff of that school were for the improvements that are coming.  The entire student body and school staff were at the groundbreaking and it turned into a huge celebration.  They couldn’t believe something positive was happening to them." CL Boyd is thrilled to be a part of this amazing organization that is positively impacting schools, communities and countless lives.