Special Offers

Stinger Edge 30-Day Demo - Extended until 10/31!
Try them before you buy them! Stinger blades feature replaceable, rotating, carbide-tipped bits that penetrate and fracture hard-packed roads.

Stinger blades mean fewer passes to bring rock to the surface, mix materials and create a compact surface. Longer lasting than all steel blades and fit all makes and models of graders.


Proven in:

  • Dirt and gravel road maintenance.
  • Hard-packed snow and ice removal.
  • Chip and seal road reclamation.
  • Tar sand road reclamation.
  • Spot asphalt milling.
  • Spreading loose material.
  • Mixing dust suppressants.


Repair the road, not your cutting edge.


Try the Stinger base edges free for 30 days. Call our parts department at (800) OKC-BOYD for more information!

Program is subect to change or cancellation without notice.